There’s something so ugly about us human beings

For some reason whenever I go outside I get infected with a sadness. Not a melancholy- a real sadness that makes me feel like I am grieving for something, or that I did something stupid yesterday… I went into the center of town to pick up a book I left behind in someone’s car and the sadness was everywhere, oozing out of the brick and ‚crete. I think it must have been the smell… there was a garbagey smell everywhere, like long-dead and rotten food. Sunday mornings are always depressing as a moon covered in beige paint. All the drunks leave behind their debris. I heard people smashing windows last night- when I went out this morning there was glass all over the pavement and all the little trees in the planter boxes pulled out and thrown around.
Why would someone want to hurt something so small, pretty and harmless as a baby tree? I just don’t understand it. There’s something so ugly about us human beings.
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