The pin arrived the destination

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2 weeks ago I sent a pin from Sasha from Webmasterinterviews which  I got for his project " The world tour of the pins " to Lake Station, Indiana where it was already expected from Darlene. Now the pin arrived his destination what was documented by Darlene accordingly. I´d like  to say I like the local sign of Lake Station – it is clearly more nicely and more friendly than here and so I think  that  the pin like Lake Station, too 😉

visiting pin

At least I would like to say thanks to :

  1. Sascha – To be a part of this project enjoed me very much. As we brought the letter to the post station  we still remembered nearly forgotten times, where peopl wrote many more letters (properly by hand – can you remember, too?) .
  2. My wife – not only for standing since 8 years by my side, she also created kindly the contact to
  3. Darlene . So I´d like to say  a hearty thanks to her for giving Saschas pin a new home and sending the documentation photo to us. 😀

This project shows once again that we Blogger are really true world champions in linking up and communicating  – and who knows: Maybe somebody who´s traveling in one of the listed countrys (or know someone else who will do that properly) will read that blogpost and will help Sascha to win that battle..? That´s the way I´d like, hehe…

So long – we´ll read us as well 😀

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