The Pin startet his Journey today

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A few days ago I wrote about a Projekt wich is initiated from my friens Sascha from  Webmaster Interviews for the 100th Interview on his side. He sendet me one of 150 Pins for a very spezial Challenge :

World Tour of the PinsSince the beginning of his Blog people from 55 countries visited Webmaster Interviews and now is the goal in each of these countries will travel a pin. From every Place in the World where is landing one of the Pins should be a Photo taken.I think that´s  a great idea, because  we bloggers will do again what we can do for the best, Network us with each other and exchange (Online as well as in the real world).

So I asked directly my wife what we can do to help Sascha. She is owner of a Blog for Scrapdesign and member of  an international community. She called a broadcast and what should I say?  It was heared – Fantastic, Great, Beautifulll….S T R I K E 😀

So I bagged  the pin today together with a little letter and a postcard of Herne and he makes his way to Lake Station, Indiana – United States. There it  is already expected by Darlene has agreed to shoot the photo we want.

I can only say one thing: Many, many thanks for Darlene  – I think it´s great  that you´ll be now be a part of  this interactive game and I'm already very curious about in how many countries the pins will travel. At least I will present the right song for this Projekt: Far, far away by Slade – enjoy it …

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  • Antworten Tweets die The Pin startet his Journey today - Kawonga oder was...? erwähnt -- Topsy.com Mai 15, 2010 um 2:48 pm

    […] Dieser Eintrag wurde auf Twitter von Frischblogger erwähnt. Frischblogger sagte: kawonga: The Pin startet his Journey today http://bit.ly/dfQyXm […]

  • Antworten Sascha Mai 15, 2010 um 4:13 pm

    Hello everybody! If you want to make a photo and need a Pin just tell me at weltreise.pins@yahoo.de. Current I have 76 Pins are to allocate. Thanks all for support this campaign. More info you get under http://www.webmaster-interview.de/the-world-tour-of-the-pins/

    • Antworten admin Mai 16, 2010 um 6:28 pm

      Hey Sascha,

      congratulation for initiating such a wonderfull battle – good luck and success for you 🙂

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